About Us
We started out in hi-tech, burned out our circuits, & decided to just have fun 
with creating tasty things to eat. We grow some of our herbs, create, blend 
and package our spices by hand, sell them on this site and at local 
farmers’ markets and events, and have such a dang good time doing it we’ve 
surprised even ourselves! Who knew?

About Our Spice Blends
• Spice packets are dry, all natural, no preservatives or MSG 

• Each packet makes 16 oz of dip/spread using - sour cream & mayonnaise, 
or just sour cream, or yogurt, or greek yogurt, or hummus, or olive oil, o
cream cheese (great on bagels!) Of course, they can also be mixed to taste.

• We use salt and sugar sparingly – not to make things salty or sweet 
but to bring up flavor. Some packets have no salt or sugar at all. 
(the small oval with "NS" in the bottom left corner of some spice blends
indicates "NO SALT" has been used in that blend)